Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gram LO for Sketchy Thursday

So i thought hard about my new years resolution. One of the things i really want to try to work on is actually participating in some of the blogs i read when they have sketches or LO contests.

Here's some secret confessions about me: I am a reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy slow scrapper. Sometimes at work when i'm bored I sketch out idea's but when i try to actually do them i just throw the sketch away because it isn't coming out like i want it too. Or sometimes i just slide the LO to the side and start something else because i get so frustrated on how to fix a LO gone sooo wrong.

Now I know i'm not alone in all these things. Yes lots of us are slow scrappers, lots of us have half finished LO's laying around. But can you see how this would hinder my new years resolution. My thought was that by forcing myself to do someone elses sketches that it will make me a better scrapper. Also that maybe by forcing myself to do LO's based off sketches that i'll get better at it. I also think it will force me outside of my little box that i'm oh so comfortable in.

So last night i made myself sit down and work on a Sketchy Thursday LO. The deadline was today. Cutting it close and the pics aren't great because i had no light to shoot in. (I like getting in nice and close and using natural light so no glare from flash.)

Yes i need to work on my procrastination too. But, Ehhhhhh...maybe next year.

It's from a blog i found and started reading cause i really like her sketches. The rules stated not to post the sketch. So i won't put it on here if your wondering why. Here's the pic's of my LO entitled "Gram".

See how that looks washed out on the full picture of the the LO. So i took some close ups. They look way better and show the full color and how it really looks. This is why i really need a digital SLR dammit! It sucks photographing my pages with a freakin point and shoot camera. Ok now i'm just digressing and i can hear you all now telling me to suck it up. So i'm shutting up about my camera right now.

Here's what i used: BG Green at heart papers, CI paper, MM Glitter Clears, Archiver stock paper, and some Color Box Chalk inkpad.

If you want to join in the fun, come check out Sketchy Thursday on FB. Now here's where i apologize if this totally doesn't make any sense because i'm typing this in between getting ready for work and i don't really wake up till around 11am. Sad i know. See thats why i was scrappin and watchin David Letterman last night. Because i'm a night person dammit! Ok time to go make the donuts. (Hehe remember that commercial)

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