Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Ten Project for 2012

Ok so I haven't posted anything in awhile. But Dee Dee threw down a New Years top ten challenge and I thought -what the hell. I don't think I've posted a quarter of what I've done. Might not even have pic's of them. But I'll try. So here goes:

My daughter went to Disney with her Choir. This is the only thing I've gotten scrapped from it. Bad mom.

The spaceship card. I think I made this for a CC challenge. My first boyish anything I've ever made. Not that  I'm the girlyest girl (that could be furthest from the truth), but when you set out to make something for a boy. It's kinda hard.

This one I won a challenge at CC with. Disclaimer- this is not me! I'm not that cute, honestly (or ahem, young) This was made for my friend, Caitlin. She took both these shots with her cell phone, can you believe it?  Who knew you could print out cell phone shots and they'd be half way decent.

I shot her wedding this year. Allowing me to actually step into the digital SLR realm (so now some of my pictures of my LO's are actually nice- will be even better after I make a homemade copy stand/light box). So anyways, I made a scrapbook (or what you might think as the beginning of a scrapbook) for her wedding. She handed me the pic's 2 days before the big event, so it was a little skimpy to say the least. So after the wedding ,she handed it back to me. And, well it's still sitting in my scrap nook- I hate to admit. But this is one of the current one's I've made to finish it up. Aren't they a cute couple?

She mad a beautiful bride as well!!! I was soooo nervous. First wedding I've shot in about ten years or so. Last time was with film so this was a big adjustment. No medium format camera. No cropping negatives for the lab, and thank god for a built in diopter because I lost my brand new glasses the month before!  Now I just have to master this photoshop stuff. Oy.

Camera tag that I was just fooling around with. Made for no particular reason. But I love how it came out. Stamp of course is Unity.
My cute little Skullie tag. I'm not sure why but I went on this tag kick for awhile. I blame it all on Dee Dee because her tags are always so damn cute. This one started with my just stamping skulls on some left over scraps. Sometimes I do that when i'm sort of circling the scrap nook and not knowing what to do. I start rearranging and find scraps and practice stamping. So he turned out cute and I found an extra purple tag I'd made a loooong time ago. Does anyone else have a box of left over die shapes, like me? I've been rummaging around in mine a lot lately. So I used a checkerboard stamp from Quickutz and this old wooden stamp that I think I got in a mark down bin at Jo Ann's. 

Also we can't forget the Love Birds tag. Made of yes, you got it. More scraps.I count these last  three tags as one of my projects. 

Aha found another one. This makes five so far. Dang I might make it to ten. Did this for a CC challenge. Texture I believe it was.

Ok this one was born from me playing around stamping again. I'm not a huge card maker. I still find it really hard to make them A2 size. So this one is like a 5x7 or something in that range. I find bigger cards easier for me. Maybe because I've only done 12x12 LO's for so long. 
Did this recently for a friends sixtieth birthday. Notice the celery green ribbon! 

Do half finished projects count? Started cutting the cardboard for these two Halloweens ago. Embellished them this Halloween season. Maybe next year I'll decide on letters for it? BTW this is how my desk normally looks. Just kidding, I figured by posting a half finished project it will force me to finish, but who am I kidding. I'm a grade A procrastinator. 

Case in point: the next few photo's I shot on my folding chair at the computer desk, right before I took the album to work. Why, because I finished the album at 2 a.m. in the morning the night before. These are just a few of my favorite pages from Maggie's album, which was made for my boss. She just had a baby the Saturday before Christmas. And boy she's a cutie. 

 Ok I have to explain why the paper is cut. I'm kinda embarrased, to admit. If i'm using two paper's to frame the photo I cut the middle out to conserve paper. My friend who used to sell creative memories taught me this. But when I'm making a book for a present I usually don't cut the middle out of the top paper and I got confused and cut the wrong one. OoPs. But wth she won't see it after she puts a photo down. I almost hated giving this one to her as well. I love these little houses from Basic Grey. Too stinkin cute.

 I added this second photo on this one because the color was so much closer to the original. I hate it when my flash blows out the photo. This is why I need to build a copy work stand. Also the ghosts are stamps on scrap's that I fussy cut.

 Is it stupid to put the size of photo that should fit in the area? I started doing it, then stopped. Because I thought it looked tacky.

and that concludes Magdalena's album. I had my friend from Poland, who ironically is named Magdalena as well, translate a few phrases in polish. I didn't get time to snap a pic of that one. My boss is originally from Poland. She said she loved it. Yeah!!! I have to do all I can to suck up with cut backs coming lol.

I'm so excited I found the memory card with my brother's photo shoot on it.  In attempt to find more projects, of course. But this shoot was one of my projects, so I'm including it. I'm so happy that he found someone new who loves him and his daughter. 

Here's another work in progress. My sixteen year old. She the one in the middle standing next to the boy who looks like he's standing very straight. ( I would say standing like he's got a stick up his ass, but I like him so I won't say it) This is her show choir group called "Magic" I could bore you and post a million you tube links but I won't. So glad she finally found a nice group of friends and something that she really loves- music. 

Guess next year my resolution should be more projects  (or at least photograph them)Thanks for coming stop again and Happy New Years!