Saturday, December 11, 2010


I did these letters for a challenge weekend at CC. Yes, i know it was awhile ago. I'm a lazy blogger, so sue me! Anyways i got some close ups of each letter and i'll tell you a little about what i used.

Ok so all the papers were from Archivers stock, except the green. The green i found at Marshalls or TJ Maxx several years ago. It was a huge stack of shrink wrapped identical paper. Looked to be about 20-25 sheets. Not sure because i never counted them. So needless to say i have a ton of it! Hehe, sometimes it pays to be cheap and a bargain shopper. Oh yeah the green is called Beach Ball by WeRMemoryKeepers.

There are sparkly little spiders (spook alley brads) which i used on the bows. They are kinda hard to see because i couldn't get that close with my flash and little point and shoot. This is why i need a digital SLR dammit! Ones sparkly orange and ones sparkly purple. They are in the middle of the tulle (in case your wondering) The tulle came from my daughter, who ripped it out of her skirt. I scavenged it out of the garbage, thinking i could use it someday for a project. This is where i give a shout out to my fellow trash recyclers! whoo hoo for us junk hoarders! Totally came in handy for this project.

The bats,ghosts,spider webs & spider,boots, and witch hat are rub ons from Imaginisce. I added a little stickles to the ghosts to make them shimmer. First time i'd used stickles also. I'd read someone's posting about wonderful stickles are and how much she loved using them. Honestly they just remind me of glitter glue, just easier to use. Not sure i will use it all that much though.

This was great cause i learned alot. Like don't use to much modge podge! and don't touch when drying. I really enjoyed making these and had the stuff laying around forever. Probably still would be laying around if i hadn't made them for the challenge. So maybe i need to do more challenges huh? I did go out and buy some letters to make as Christmas presents because they were fairly easy to make and look pretty dang good. If your thinking of making some altered letters, i say go for it! I found tons of articles online and you can always send me a message if you have any questions.

Well thats it for tonight. Over and out.

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